We are happy to use this space to showcase some of our productions in order to give you an idea on our professionalism and the quality of our work.If you have any questions or requests feel free to contact us. We speak English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Luxembourgish.


The BMW Scrambler project started from a 1984 BMW R80RT and was inspired by...

...the BMW off-road motorcycles of the ‘70 – ’80. As usual, the motorcycle has been completely disassembled and rebuild.

The engine was already equipped with a 1000 cc Siebenrock kit and we decided, at this stage, to clean it and only replace some parts like the air box, the cylinder head covers and the exhausts.

The (very) heavy original seat and rear fender set have been replaced by a small seat coming from a German police bike and by a rear fender from a ’70 Husqvarna. The original fuel tank has been repainted and the tank cap has been replaced by a Moto Officina custom cap.

The fork has been refurbished and slightly modified, the original shocks have been replaced by a pair of Ikon shocks and the handlebar comes from a BMW G/S. The original Brembo front brakes as well as the rear drum brake have been kept. We also kept the original wheels, coated in black and equipped with Continental TKC80 tires.

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Manuele BMW Scrambler test ride

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